How to Access No-Cost PrEP in BC

As per this Ministry of Health news release, PrEP will be available at no-cost for British Columbians at risk of HIV infection as of January 1st, 2018.

For guidance on finding a care provider experienced in prescribing and monitoring PrEP, please see Step 1 on the main page.

Update 2018-Jan-08: The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS has updated their website to include the eligibility criteria, enrollment and prescription process, dispensing and refill processes. Click here to visit their website 

Here is an outline of the steps you and your doctor to follow in order to access no-cost PrEP in BC via the Drug Treatment Program (DTP):

1. Visit your doctor[a] to be assessed for starting or continuing PrEP. Complete the required screening tests as per British Columbia PrEP Guidelines.

2. Your MD must complete the PrEP Enrollment & Prescription Request in its entirety and fax it back to DTP at 604-806-9044

4. DTP reviews the request and fills the prescription[b]. The medication will be picked up at St. Paul’s Ambulatory Pharmacy[c] for patients in the Greater Vancouver Area, or shipped to the prescribing GP’s office for patients elsewhere in BC. Click here for instructions on picking up and refilling: Click here for complete instructions on filling your prescription 


[a] Only physicians, not nurse practitioners (NP), may initiate PrEP from the DTP at this time. NPs may renew PrEP prescriptions for ongoing PrEP patients. This policy may be revisited in the future.

[b] The approval and dispensing process is not same-day like most pharmacy experiences. Anticipate up to a week (or more) between when the requisition is submitted and when the medication is available to the patient.

[c] St Paul’s Hospital Ambulatory Pharmacy

Address: 1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver V6Z 1Y6
Telephone: 604-806-8151
1-800-547-3622 (outside greater Vancouver)
Fax: 604-806-8675
Booking pharmacy appointments: 604-806-8060
Mon, Thu, Fri 7 am- 4:30 pm
Tue, Wed 7 am – 7:30 pm

Closed weekends and stat holidays


 This process is subject to revision at any time. Please stay tuned. 
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