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Alex Smith


Click here for the steps that you and your doctor/nurse practitioner must follow in order to access no-cost PrEP in BC. 


prepWe did it!! As of January 1st, 2018, PrEP will be provided at no cost to people at high risk of HIV exposure. This may include men who have sex with men, trans men and women who have sex with men, persons who inject drugs, persons who do sex work, and individuals who have sex with HIV+ persons who are not on medication (i.e. have a detectable HIV viral load). Click here to read the BC Ministry of Health press release.

British Columbians may access PrEP through their family doctor or nurse practitioner, in accordance with the Canadian guideline on HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and nonoccupational postexposure prophylaxis.

Davie Buyers Club will continue to act as a resource to guide Canadians seeking access to PrEP, whether it be through official provincial programs (as per British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec) or via the cross-border method for Canadians without provincial coverage.

Stay tuned for more details on BC’s provincial program.

Congratulations and kudos to the creative, compassionate and dedicated advocates, clinicians, researchers, and policy makers who helped bring this evidence-based prevention tool to all British Columbians who need it.


Alex Smith


PrEP Access Update: $250/month generic PrEP is not available at BC pharmacies, but it is available in Ontario. The Village Pharmacy in Toronto will accept BC prescriptions (and insurance!) and will mail your medication to your door. Consider this option to reduce your co-pay costs if your insurance prescription coverage is not 100% , or if you are paying out-of-pocket. Click here for instructions.


I was profiled in Vice for creating Davie Buyers Club to prevent HIV infections in Canada. Click here for the article.



Dynamix has lowered the cost of 3 months generic PrEP to $99USD (down from $140 USD), or about $45CAD per month. They also now offer a choice of manufacturer: Mylan or Cipla. Both will be shipped using EMS.

2017-Jun-26 update:

Due to changes in FedEx policy regarding shipping medications, Dynamix will now be using Aramex as their courier.

2017-Jun-11 update:

Generic PrEP users in Vancouver: please consider participating!
Want to help us learn more about drug levels of generic PrEP in Vancouver?
Our team of researchers and service providers, led by Dr. Mark Hull at St. Paul’s Hospital and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, are interested in learning more about what guys in Vancouver who are using generic PrEP know and think about PrEP, and to measure drug levels of their generic PrEP medication.
Who can take part?
• Any adult male over 19 years of age.
• Able to speak and read in English.
• Be sexually active with other men in the last 6 months.
• Are currently using generic PrEP (also known as tenofovir/emtricitabine) obtained through a website or online pharmacy
What will you be asked to do?
• Complete a short one-time online questionnaire.
• This will take 10 -15 minutes of your time.
• Agree to undertake drug levels of your generic PrEP. This will take part at St Paul’s Hospital. You will need to have a baseline blood test, and then additional tests 1 and 4 hours after your medication dose.
Why are we doing this?
• To better understand what guys know about PrEP in Vancouver.
• To better understand the drug levels of generic PrEP being used in Vancouver.
You will receive a study honorarium for participating.
For questions, or to sign up, please contact a study coordinator at 604-558-2017 or visit the Momentum Study Offce (505-1200 Burrard Street, Vancouver).

2017-Jun-10 update:

It was also featured on CBC Radio’s On The Coast (segment begins at 51:40)

2017-Jun-07 update:

The price of generic PrEP via Dynamix was increased slightly from $128USD to $140 USD due to Aramex being unable to carry out shipping to the USA (FedEx shipping has resumed).

To further increase PrEP accessibility, a lower price-point supplier called Freedom Health has been added to the guide. The cost is $79USD (shipped) for 90 tablets — less than $40/CAD per month. 

2017-May-04 update:

Dynamix has reduced the price of generic PrEP to $128USD, which is approximately $60CAD per month! This price reduction resulted from changing the shipper from FedEx to Aramex.

2017-Apr-18 update:

Dynamix now accepts PayPal as a payment method. Instructions for its use are now included within the guide on the main page.

27-Mar-2017 bulletin:

My statement, as well as Q&A, from today’s CATIE webinar on PEP/PrEP can be accessed here.

2017-Feb-24 bulletin:

Attention British Columbians: there is a new longitudinal (every three months) PrEP questionnaire study for people in BC who are currently on PrEP or have tried/are trying to get on PrEP. Please consider contributing to this important research that will help develop future PrEP programs in BC. See below for info.

RESEARCH STUDY by UBC and Providence Healthcare

Have you tried to get onto PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis)?
Or are you on PrEP right now?

Volunteers Needed: For a prospective study of PrEP access and outcomes within Vancouver

Who Can take part?

  • Any adult over 19 years of age
  • Have tried to access or are currently using PrEP for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • Able to speak and read in English

What will you be asked to do?

  • Complete a short anonymous online questionnaire when you enter into the study
  • Complete a short anonymous online questionnaire about your life every 3 months
  • You are free to drop out at any time

Why are we doing this?

  • To better understand how people are using PrEP in Vancouver
  • To better understand how to develop PrEP programs for the future

For questions, or to sign up, please contact a study coordinator at 604 558 2017


2017-Feb-08 bulletin:

Visitors to Canada on a student or working visa (i.e. NOT a citizen or permanent resident) may import PrEP directly to their home address in Canada. Click here to learn more


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