Step Three: Order Medication Online (via Green Cross Pharmacy)

Green Cross Pharmacy (GCP) was the original source of PrEP when Davie Buyers Club first launched in June 2016. Shipping issues from FedEx and then DHL made it impossible to continue in late 2016. After a long hiatus from DBC, I can endorse GCP again after several observed trial shipments (and many other reports) successfully received in the USA.  GCP now ships with EMS Singpost and offers the lowest-priced PrEP online at $85 USD for a three month supply, including shipping. GCP is based in Swaziland (a country next to South Africa) and their products ship directly from the supplier in India.

The medication
GCP will ship either RICOVIR-EM by Mylan or TENVIR-EM by Cipla, depending on your preference. Both versions of emtricitabine/tenofovir 200/300mg are US-FDA approved and have been validated using therapeutic drug monitoring by 56 Dean Street clinic in London (see FAQ for more info). Mylan’s product was approved by Health Canada on 31-July-2017. Cipla’s product has not been reviewed by Health Canada.

Currency and cost
The price is $85.15 USD for TENVIR-EM, which at the time of this authorship, was $109.53 CAD. Click here for the current exchange rate via Google. The price of RICOVIR-EM is the same, but shipping of RICOVIR-EM appears to be much greater. Both products also a “handling fee” of less than $7 CAD. These are the total costs which includes 90 tablets and express shipping to the USA via EMS. The website or your credit card company’s conversion rate may be slightly inflated compared to the base rate quoted by Google.

Note: the purchase platform of the website cannot be completed on a smartphone or tablet. Use a desktop computer. If using an Apple computer, do not use Safari or Netscape — use Google Chrome instead.

How to order

Ordering PrEP via GCP is a three step process which includes:
1. Place your order
2. Upload your documents
3. Make your payment


Click this link to go to the online order page for TENVIR-EM (generic emtricitabine/tenofovir 200/300mg) at Green Cross Pharmacy ($85.15 USD)

Click this link to go to the online order page for RICOVIR-EM (generic emtricitabine/tenofovir 200/300mg) at Green Cross Pharmacy (113.75 USD)

On the linked-page above for either TENVIR-EM or RICOVIR-EM, a quantity of “1” is a 90 day supply.

Click “Add to Cart”

Click “View Cart” in the lower right corner of the bar that appears

On the cart page, click “Checkout”

Complete the checkout fields
1. Shipping Details
Enter your SHIPPING address for your Point Roberts postal box as follows (do not forget to include your InOut Parcel customer ID# in the address!) e.g. with ‘John Doe’

Last name: Doe
First Name: John
Address: 145 Tyee Drive, ID# XXXXXX
City: Point Roberts
Country: United States
State: Washington
Zipcode: 98281
Phone number: YYY-YYY-YYYY

Click Continue.

2. Delivery Method

Choose standard shipping and press Continue.

3. Payment

As the box says:

Step 1, Complete your order:  follow the shopping cart all the way through until it offers “Submit Your Order”, the next page gives you an order number.

Make sure you record your Order Number and exact Total to Pay

Remember to complete the other two steps on our web page after that…

Step 2, Pay: Use “2. MANUAL PAY” in the top menu and select

  •  Credit Card or EFT
  • or Bitcoin Wallet

Step 3, Upload Script/Docs: Use “3. UPLOAD SCRIPT/DOCS” in the top menu

Click Continue

4. Review & Place Order

Agree to the terms and click Place Order

Write down the Order Number that is shown on this page. You will need it later.


Create PDFs of your prescription and passport ID
You will need a digital copy of your prescription and the details page of your passport (for customs clearance purposes). A scanner is ideal, but a very carefully taken photograph using a smartphone may work — make sure that the lighting is good and that all information is clearly visible.

Most phones and scanners create images in .jpg format, but the shipper requires them to be in .pdf format. Use the free website tool JPG 2 PDF  to quickly convert your files by dragging them in to the space that says “Drop your files here”, wait a few seconds for them to convert, then click Download below each file to save the pdf files to your computer.

Go to 

Enter your name, your email and your order number.

Select the images of your prescription and passport.

Click Upload Files.


Please note: a user has reported that some credit cards treat transactions using Exchange4Free as cash advances rather than purchases, which means that they may begin accruing interest right away (and do so until your full balance is paid off). If possible, pay off your credit card ASAP to avoid interest. 

This link will then be taken to the Exchange4Free  payment gateway so that the US Dollar amount can be converted to Canadian Dollars and you can complete your payment.

  1. Here you will need to complete your information before being given the Canadian Dollar amount to pay :
  2.    Country paying from – select Canada
  3.    Payer type – select individual
  4.    First Name  – enter your first name
  5.    Last Name  – enter your last name
  6.    Passport/ID number – enter 000000000
  7.      Payment Method – select card transaction
  8.    Transfer Reason – select pay invoice
  9.    Invoice Amount –
  10.      Payment Reference Type – select Invoice Number
  11.      Payment Reference – insert your order number from the top of the page
  12.     Email Address – insert your email address
  13.      Country – Insert Canada
  14.   Mobile number – enter your mobile number
  15.    City – enter the city where you live
  16.    Street Address – enter the name of your street and the number of your house/apartment/unit (if you live in an apartment or a unit please enter the number as 2-19 and not as 2/19)
  17.    Postal Code – enter your postal code

Here is a example of what this screen should look like if completed correctly  (though the price in CAD will be different because of the fluctuating exchange rate) Update 28Aug-2017: the Invoice Amount should say ’85.15’ to if you are ordering TENVIR-EM, or ‘113.75’ if you are ordering RICOVIR-EM

  1. Now click the GET QUOTE button ONCE only and the cost of your order in Canadian Dollars will be shown.
  2. If you are happy to proceed tick the 3 boxes under CONFIRM AND PAY
  3. Then click the PAY NOW button
  4. You will then be given a reference number and the Canadian dollar amount will appear and the credit card option will be selected. Click on the SUBMIT button.
  5.   Now you will be able to enter your credit/debit card information and billing address in the normal way when using your card online before clicking PAY.  Occaisonally you might be asked to join an “online verfication” system. Just continue on.  Your payment is  not complete until you reach the page with the large green heading “Payment Successful”.
  6. After completing your transaction you will receive an email as well as a text confirmation that your payment has been processed.

You have now completed the order process! You will receive an email notice including tracking when your parcel ships, usually within 48 hours. You can track your parcel here.  It typically takes 8-14 days for the medication to arrive in Point Roberts.

**Troubleshooting payment using the Exchange4Free system:
-Most problems arise from using an incompatible browser on an Apple computer. Safari and Netscape are NOT compatible — use Google Chrome instead. The purchase platform cannot be run on an iPad, tablet, or phone. Use a desktop computer.
-If you are still having problems with payment, please contact:

Tracey King | Exchange4Free Services Ltd Canada 
    Telephone: +1 647 800 6743
Mobile: +1 647 993 5511

**If you do not receive a confirmation email/text that your payment has been received within 24h, it is likely that your credit card company has automatically blocked the transaction (how often do you buy things from Swaziland, right?) Contact Tracey (above) to confirm this is the issue and/or call your credit card company to authorize the transaction. The phone number is usually on the back of your credit card.

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