Step Three: Order Medication Online (via Freedom Health)

Freedom Health is one of the newer suppliers in the world of online PrEP. The company is based in Switzerland, with shipments arriving directly from the Indian supplier of the medication.

Though the price has risen compared to past months, they are competitively priced. With a price of $79USD (plus $20USD for shipping) for 90 tablets, the cost works out to less than $45 CAD per month. Click here for the current exchange rate via Google.

Unfortunately, they no longer accept PayPal as payment — only Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency, which is somewhat more complicated to learn and use than payment via credit card or PayPal. However, one may use the coupon code FIRSTCOIN to save 15% on their first order using Bitcoin. I plan to create a guide to paying via Bitcoin in the future, but for now I will leave users to their own devices (and other guides on the internet).

The medication
Freedom Health supplies Tenvir-EM by Cipla. Cipla the world’s largest manufacturer of antiretroviral (anti-HIV) medicine and its emtricitabine/ tenofovir 200/300mg (Tenvir-EM) is also US-FDA approved (item #168 on list).

Data from 56 Dean Street in London show that blood samples taken from 234 patients who purchased generic PrEP online (mostly Tenvir-EM) all had adequate blood levels of drug (i.e. there was no evidence of any unsafe or counterfeit drug).

Freedom Health does not require that you upload a prescription to order. Please note that a prescription from an MD/NP is still necessary, not only to monitor your health before and during PrEP, but also because A VALID PRESCRIPTION IS REQUIRED TO CROSS THE BORDER BACK IN TO CANADA WITH YOUR MEDICATION

How to order:

2017-Jul-09: Freedom Health no longer is able to accept PayPal — only bitcoin. I plan to make a guide to ordering via Bitcoin in the future. Freedom Health anticipates a return to credit card service in the future. Stay tuned.

2017-Aug-10: According to Freedom Health, some orders (less than 10%) may be delayed at US customs for up to 30 days before being cleared to proceed. Please plan accordingly when refilling a prescription, allowing for the potential of a long wait. 

2017-Aug-22: a small number of orders (three, to date) were held at US Customs for one month before being rejected and sent back to the supplier in India. Orders like these will be re-shipped by FH without additional charge, but please note that there is a rare but possible chance of taking 6+ weeks for you to receive your medication. Proceed with caution.

  1. Click here to go to the order page for 90 tablets of Tenvir-EM at Freedom Health 
  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’ (quantity of 1)
  3. Click ‘Checkout’
  4. Enter your email address and a password to create your account
  5. Enter the shipping address of your parcel-receiving company. Don’t forget to include the customer ID# in the street address line
    • e.g. for InOut Parcel:     145 Tyee Dr, #XXXXX
  6. Click ‘Save and Continue’ on the Checkout page
  7. Select ‘Credit Card’ payment option, then click ‘Save and Continue’
  8. Click “Proceed to Payment” to pay via PayPal
  9. If you have a PayPal account, you can sign in and pay. If you don’t want to create an account, you can proceed as a guest
  10. Paypal may ask you to enter your billing and shipping addresses
    1. Enter your billing address as your Canadian home address (or wherever your credit card is registered to)
    2. Enter your shipping address as your USA parcel-receiving service (don’t forget to include your Customer ID # in the first line of the address!)
  11. Complete your payment of $84.00 USD


You’re done!

You should receive an email notification from Freedom Health with your order number upon ordering.

They will email you again when your order has shipped (including your tracking number).

It typically takes 10-30 days to arrive. Your USA parcel service should email you when your package is ready to be picked up.


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