Step Three: Order Medication Online (via All Day Chemist)

All Day Chemist (ADC), which supplies Tenvir-EM by Cipla. ADC is a popular online pharmacy that has been used by thousands of people around the world to access generic PrEP.

Cipla is the world’s largest manufacturer of antiretroviral (anti-HIV) medicine and its emtricitabine/ tenofovir 200/300mg (Tenvir-EM) is also US-FDA approved (item #168 on list).

Data from 56 Dean Street in London show that blood samples taken from 234 patients who purchased generic PrEP online (mostly Tenvir-EM) all had adequate blood levels of drug (i.e. there was no evidence of any unsafe or counterfeit drug).

The downsides of this method (compared to Dynamix and Ricovir-EM) include:

  1. It is more expensive. The cost (per 3 month supply) will be approximately $280 CAD, compared to ~$180 with the old method. The breakdown of costs is as follows
Charge Cost in USD Cost in CAD as of 13/Dec/2016
90 tablets of Tenvir-EM $166.50 $218.39
Shipping fee $15.00 $19.68
Wire transfer fee (from your bank) ~$40
Total ~$278 CAD
  1. ADC does not accept credit card payments from new customers. If you happen to have used ADC before they stopped generally accepting credit cards, you may be able to use credit card payment if you email them. Otherwise, you have to pay using wire transfer for which, as above, your bank will charge $30-40.
    **Update 07-Jan-2017: a user has reported that some banks allow for free, online wire transfer. The user was a CIBC customer and was able to complete the transfer as per here. Check your institution’s online banking features to see if you can save this fee.

How to order:

**You will need a digital copy of your prescription. A scanner is ideal, but a very carefully taken photograph using a smartphone may work — make sure that the lighting is good and that all information is clearly visible.**

  1. Create an account at AllDayChemist
  2. When you have created your account, it will take you to the Account Information
  3. Beside Default Billing Address, click Edit
    • input the address of your parcel receiving service in the US (e.g. InOut Parcel).
    • Do not forget to include your parcel service’s customer ID# on the second address line.
    • Click the box that says “Use as my default shipping address” (when paying by wire transfer, they won’t care that this isn’t your real billing address and they won’t need to cross-reference it like a credit card transaction would)
  4. Go to the Tenvir-EM product page
    • Change the quantity to 3. Click Add to Cart.
  5. Click Proceed to Checkout
    • Double check that your billing address (actually parcel service address) has been entered correctly and the box “Ship to this address” is ticked
    • Enter a preferred time to order with your timezone, should there be an issue with your order. Then click Next
    • Enter your physician’s information, your health and allergy info, and upload a digital copy of your prescription. Then click Next
    • Click Wire Transfer
    • Make note of your Grand Total (should be US $181.50)
    • To place your order, click Continue. Make note of your order number.
  6. Go to your bank and request a wire transfer of $181.50 USD to:

Name on Account :Derric Wood

Bank Name :Citibank, N.A.

Bank Address :Jeevan Bharti Building, 124, Connaught Circus (**a user reported that transfer would not go through until the commas were removed)

Bank City :New Delhi

Bank State :New Delhi

Bank Country :India

Bank Zip :110001

Branch :New Delhi

Account Number :0007284225

Routing Number/E-Band/Swift :Swift: CITIINBX Routing Code : 021000089

Purpose Of Payment :Payment Against Goods. Order number #####



  1. Take a photo of your wire transfer receipt and email it to with your order number
  2. It will take up to two weeks for delivery after the payment has been processed


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